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Hurricane & Fire

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 Create True Unity

 Faith and Hope 



About Us

An Angels Mission

   Our Mission is simple To  Raise  

10 Million Christmas's for those who 

Have Lost every thing due to hurricane


Destruction in Texas Louisiana Florida

Puerto Rico The U.S. Virgin Islands &

The California Wild fires. We are also 

doing something special for the victims 

of the Las Vegas Tragedy.

 We are also going to do a special 

Thank you to all first responders .

Now is the time to come together 

Create strong Unity and Help those

Who have lost everything Lost  Hope

Fighting to rebuild  their lives.    

This  may be the  most important 

Christmas they will have. 

Your  support will  give them hope 

Unity with love  and compassion

Will give them strength to restart their

lives and know they are not forgotten

Please join me in giving them a very 

Special Christmas and a little

Christmas Magic.  

You will be an Angel giving Hope to those who have none.

We are different than other charity groups.


 Financial Donations will go  to construction Materials and necessities to rebuild. Including shipping cost.

Your shopping with love and donations of     supplies and food clothes toys extra will provide a great Christmas and a little fun

. I will make certain your gift packages get in the hands of those who are in peril. There is tremendous need right now. If you  don't want to shop please  make a financial donation and we will shop for you. 

Please shop with love. I will be adding links to online shopping and your shipping is free.   

Be an Angel and part of the true meaning of Christmas

This is an amazing gift you will be a part of.

To know you participated in the largest 

Christmas Gifting ever.

Not  only will it be fun but it serves a grand

purpose and you will be blessed and feel amazing.

What to Shop For

Food Package

Non perishable items soups box foods  rice  flour  spices cooking oil peanut butter 

Jelly  noodles  All meats and items that need to be frozen will have a voucher. Please include bottles of juice any kind and most important at least 1 to 2 cases of water.   

Small Webber Grills  self-starting charcoal  cups plates silverware  aluminum  foil with out electricity  this will help them cook        

Clothes and Blankets

We want to make sure  every one gets a blanket. Blankets  large or small as many as you can send. Towels washcloths  sheets pillows  imagine what  you would need.  

Clothing Socks underwear pajamas shirts shorts sweat pants hoodies  sport bras kids clothes for all  ages     


Health and Beauty

Toothbrushes, Tooth paste Mouth Wash  Shampoo conditioner  Men & women's Deodorant  Lotion  Vaseline A&D ointment  Vitamins  Band-Aids Neosporin  Tylenol  Aleve Ibuprofen  Benadryl Tums  ace wraps Pads Tampons  Toilet paper  

What ever you  would use.                                  

Cleaning Supplies

Liguid  Soap like  Dawn dish soap Tide Arm and Hammer  Gain  Bleach Lysol  wipes  scrub sponges  Swifer mops brooms  work gloves what do you use? That will help. these are suggestions    


All weather Tents   air mattresses  for Puerto Rico  we will be adding Matress manufacture and furniture manufactures to shop on line the survivor will receive  a coupon or voucher n ship from manufacture. Strollers play penns diapers

All weather Tents   air mattresses  for Puerto Rico  we will be adding Matress manufacture and furniture manufactures to shop on line the survivor will receive  a coupon or voucher n ship from manufacture. Strollers play pens diapers

Summary of Shopping

When you shop think of shopping  for a family of 4. Think of what you would want as priority to survive and start over with nothing.   At  Christmas  select from different packages and make your own package. Combination. Please add a little Christmas  Magic   A small  Tree Fake  couple decorationsThe Toys a must.  

We will add the rest. If we don't  do this these people will not Have Christmas

We are their Hope  They will know they are not forgotten.   

Please  contribute what you can and we will add to the packages as well. 

Unity kindness respect is a great Christmas for all who have lost everything. For 50 to 150 or more  we can insure A happy Christmas Blessing.    

We will be adding links for online shopping

New products are coming soon!

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10 Million Christmas's

For the survivors of  the terrible hurricanes and fires

Including the the tragedy in Las Vegas, 

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